The BTU-100 is a deluxe tuner from Boston. Apart from being able to tune just about any instrument it can also be used as a metronome, chord finder (with 2640 chords for guitar) and tone generator. The BTU-1000 is easy to use and has a neat blue lit, bright display, which makes it easy to tune your instrument in the dark as well. The built-in microphone or the jack input can be used to for tuning. There's a volume control knob and a convenient headphone output to help you tune or listen to a tone from the tone generator more closely without disturbing anyone or to use the BTU-1000 on stage. On the back of the device you can find a foldable metal support if you want to put the BTU-1000 upright. There's a 9V battery included for power supply. You can use a 9V DC adapter (>150mA) as well (not included).


Boston deluxe chromatic tuner with metronome (BTU-1000)

deluxe chromatic tuner with metronome, chord computer and pitch generator, 2640 memorized chords

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deluxe kromatikus tuner metronóm, akkord számítógép és pitch generátor, 2640 memorizált akkordok

9390.- Ft

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